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Set up your match 

  • Select the type of your match - either pairs, or individual rotation.

  • Select the number of players for the match. 

    • For Individual rotations you can have one additional  player for the 2 and 3 table options.   As an example you can have 9 players for 2 tables or 13 players for 3 tables. 

    • Once you change the number of players, the number of tables and rounds are calculated 

  • Select the number of boards that you plan to play in each round.  


Rounds and boards are recalculated every time the match type, number of players or boards per round are changed.   If an unsupported number of game type and table/boards combination has been selected a warning box will pop up and the match will not be started.

Once you have selected the of type of match, the, number of players, and board per round, .....

  • Touch the Start New Match Button(looks like 3 people)  and  the Players table will display.

    • A Warning Popup will show so that you can confirm that you are ready to start a new match which clears all the information from the previous match.

  • Once players have been seated,

    • Type  player names by their number. 

    • Player names can be changed anytime after Start New Match has been pressed, even after navigating to Enter Scores or Show Match Results 


Anytime you make changes to the type of match, number of players, or boards, press the Start New Match Button, Player number, seating and names will be cleared/reset.

When you select the Start New Match a warning dialog will show up asking you to confirm are starting a new match and its OK to clear the data.

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