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Duplicate Bridge Scoring Application

For Minimal Setup

and Use of Scoring Function Only 

This option is similar or less function than Version 1 of this program, and it will work OK on the iPhone.    

If you are running on an iPad or Mac, the program has all of the function, and you can change your mind later and spend the time to more fully set up to take advantage of a player directory and club play defaults.

  • Simply, pick the Clubs icon at the bottom of the screen, select ... and Add Club

  • Put in a Club Name Only, scroll up if necessary and click Add.

  • Return to the Clubs List, select the club you just added.

  • Select the ... and Add Match.  Select Game Type, Number of Players and Boards Per Round, scroll to the top and tap "Add"

  • You will have player numbers only and no names.  You can enter player names manually, in their round 1 seats if you desire to do.  You can still email results, but will have to enter email addresses manually.

Entering Table Bid
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