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Views is in the top right corner of the screen.

Table Cards -

Before setting up your match, be sure that the table cards you need for your planned match, are the ones supported by the program.  You can verify this by printing a table card which matches your needs, and checking it against the ones you may already have.

To Print a Table Card, you can go to the Clubs View,  touch the Menu Icon in the top right corner, and select Print Table Cards.  Configure the Match that you expect to play and print the table cards for the match. Compare them to the ones you have, if they don't match, you can use the paper ones provided.  

Table Cards, for Individual and Howell matches are available from Baron Barclay Duplicate Bridge Supplies.

Score Match


From the Match View Menu,  Select

                 Score Match

At the top of the screen,

       Select the board to score.  

This row of buttons is scrollable, swipe to the right on the row if you don't see all of the boards you are playing.

For Individual Games, the virtual traveling scores for the board will be shown in table number order. For Pairs games, the virtual traveler will be in NS Player Number.  

Standard travelers have rows  in order by NS team.  For simplified  Individual Game Traveler forms, see resources on this website.


Select a traveler row to score

The bid picking view will display for the row selected.  

    If the board was passed, touch the Passed toggle. or

    If the board was not played, touch the Skip toggle.

         This occurs if you are playing with a phantom team, have a half table, or for some other reason, the board was just not played.

If the board was played: 

Select the Number bid

Select the Suit or NT bid

Select Doubled or Re-Doubled if applicable

Select either the number of tricks made or the number down.


Tap Save

Repeat for each row on  the traveler.

Score Match

A draft eMail will display with a Send Button at the top.  You can add or delete addressees if you like.

You can edit the draft anyway you prefer.  Add a message of your own, or tweak or delete any of the text you don't want to send.    

When complete use the Send icon at the top right of the screen, or you can cancel.


You will be returned to screen with the list of  names, if you wanted to send some of the information to a different list you can select the DRAFT button at the bottom, or just select the DONE button to dismiss the view and return to the Match View.

Email  Match Results

Select a Match, then from the … menu, select Email Results


A list of club members and subs will appear.  Each will be preceded with a TO or CC button.

Select TO or CC for each member of sub that you want to send results.

When all required are selected, Select  the DRAFT button  on the bottom right of the screen.

Email Results

Set up your match 

Select a Club from your list of Clubs, Touch the menu icon in the top right corner of the view.   Touch Add Match.

Default Game Type is Individual.

If you select  Pairs, then Select Howell or Mitchell


If you are playing Howell, you can choose an Alternate Rotation, which was previously referred to as ACBL Standard.

Select the type of your match - either pairs, or individual rotation.

Select the number of players for the match.  

For Individual rotations you  can have one additional player for the 2 and 3 table options.   As an example youcan have 9, 10 or 13 players  for individual rotations. 

Once you change the number of players, the number of tables and rounds are calculated and tables with player numbers will show below.


Select the number of boards that you plan to play in each round.  


Rounds and boards are recalculated every time the match type, number of players or boards per round are changed

If an unsupported number of game type and table/boards combination has been selected a warning box will pop up and the match will not be started.

Once you have selected the of type of match, the, number of players, and board per round, .....  You have  3 choices ...

1) Scroll up and pick Save and your match will be created with player/team numbers and no player names.

2) If you have added players and subs to your club,

you can tap on a player in the left hand column, the players name will appear next to "Select a seat for ".  Tap on the Direction, Player Number of > and the players name is placed in that seat.

If you have no club players defined, you can just tap on the box next to the direction and type the name using the keyboard.

Select Add Match and box will pop up indicated the match has been created.  

After you create a match you can still change the players seats but you cannot change the type, players or boards per round. 

Show Ranking or Statistics


From the Match View Menu,  Select Show Ranking

A View of Ranking by teams or individuals will show.  

 You have the option of either printing it, or 

 you can dismiss the view by selecting the Dismiss Button or just pulling the view down from the top.

From the Match View Menu,  

           Select Show Stats 

You have the option of either printing it, or 

 you can dismiss the view by selecting the Dismiss Button or just pulling the view down from the top.

Show Ranking or Statistics
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