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Duplicate Bridge Scoring 
Individual, Howell and Mitchell

This application provides for scoring of informal Duplicate Bridge matches which can be done very quickly with or without bid and lead details.    
Results and statistics are calculated and can be emailed to players. 
Clubs can be created and used to invite and include players who participate in matches.

Soooo easy to use! 

Our individual rotation group of 12 relies totally on this App for scoring. It is easy to learn and to use and has helped players understand the scoring system. The printout of the results are spectacular—our players love to peruse them. I have also used it with 8 players and 3 boards. A true game changer for those who do the scoring! (Update of latest launch, February 16, 2023)

Florida, USA


I have been looking for some time now for a simple to use scoring app for our small bridge club. I have used this great little app for the past few weeks and it has worked very well indeed. So much more accurate and stress free compared to scoring by hand. The ability to email the results and scoring summary to all the players is so appreciated.


Yesterday, with 5 tables, and the Michell movement - I used the program with great delight and great expectation, and it behaved beautifully. 

Thanks again for your interest and leadership.

New York, USA

This programs works beautifully for our senior community group.  Everyone enjoys seeing the results which are emailed to them soon after play

Virginia, USA

MacOS on M1 or later  processor

or   iPadOS  17 +

or IOS 17 +

Free Version - 
Annual  Subscription
Lifetime  Subscription
Monthly Subscription
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