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Version 2.0 of Duplicate Bridge Scoring is an application which provides for immediate scoring of informal Duplicate Bridge matches of 2, 3, 4 or 5 tables.  Results are calculated and can be emailed to players.


It supports Howell Movements for Pairs and Individual movements available from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies.  Table cards are available for sale from

What's New in V 2.0

  • Data is stored locally for all rounds whether completed or in progress.

  • Scores for each board/hand, can be entered either as net scores for NS or EW, or with detailed bid information and automatic calculation of net scores,  Points are calculated as soon as all tables are completed.

  • Clubs, members, subs, match defaults for club play can all be defined, organized and used to email results directly to match participants and club members.



The applications is currently available on the Apple App Store.  

Duplicate Bridge Scoring App runs on IOS iPhones and iPads.

It is also available on the Mac App Store running as an Ipad App.


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