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Duplicate Bridge Scoring Application

This application provides for immediate scoring of informal Duplicate Bridge matches.   
Results are calculated and can be emailed to players.
It supports Howell Movements for Pairs and Individual movements and Mitchell Movements. 

Available Now !! 

What's New in V 2.2.1 

  • Mitchell Rotations are supported and scored with factoring where it applies for 3-13 tables.

  • Howell Rotations are now supported for 2 - 7 tables. 

  • Old ACBL Standard Rotations (an alternative Howell Rotation) are supported for 3,4,5,6, and 7 tables.  

    • These table cards are not available from Baron Barclay, but can still be found in PDF formats on the internet.  

  • Table cards can be printed for your match configuration.

    • You can use these to play, or just to verify they match your usual table cards.  Table cards for all supported match configurations​ are available from Baron Barclay for Howell and Individual.

  • Additional board per round options are supported for some Howell rotations.

  • Skipping boards in Howell Rotations is supported.

    • boards will have points calculated  based on the number of actual scores provided, but without factoring.

  • Entering scores without detail has an improved user interface with popup keypad style entry.

  • iPhone is now supported for all functions.

  • Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements are included.

Mitchell Match SetUp

Pairs Mitchell Match Setup.png

Scoring without bids

Score No Detail.png
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