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DupScore V 3.0

Pricing Options

FREE Version -

new users, you can use all of the functions of the full version of the application, creating a player directory, clubs, and matches for Individual and Howell Rotations of 2 tables.

prior users, you will be able to access player directory, clubs, and matches that you previously created, but will not be able to create matches of more than 2 tables .   See Option below for upgrading to the new version at a reduced rate for the 1st year as a Thank You for your loyalty.

All Options include One Month Free !!

  • Automatically  Renewing Subscriptions

    • Monthly Subscription - $7.99 USD / month

    • Annual Subscription - $79.99 USD / year​

  • Lifetime License  - One Time Charge - $199.00 USD

Wait ---- This product use to be FREE !!

If you were a previous user of the free version, you can contact us via eMail - and request an offer code for a reduced monthly subscription price for the first year.  Include a results email from a match you created prior to the release of Version 3.0.

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